A Review of Maxwell's Equations & Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)

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The following links provide a basic review of electromagnetic theory and the various numerical techniques used by EM.Cube's simulation engines:

Basic Electromagnetic Theory

The Far-Field Approximation for Radiation & Scattering Problems

Basic Principles of The Finite Difference Time Domain Method

Basic Principles of SBR Ray Tracing

Basic Principles of The Method of Moments

Basic Principles of Physical Optics

Basic Principles of Electrostatic & Magnetostatic Field Analysis

Basic Principles of Steady-State Thermal Analysis

Attention icon.png The above pages contain a large number of mathematical expressions and equations. Sometimes, the mathematical notations might not load properly the first time you open a page. In that case, you need to use the "reload" or "update" feature of your web browser to refresh the page, or return to the gateway page and try to open the link one more time.

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