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Introducing NeoScan

EMAG Technologies Inc. offers unique, versatile solutions for your RF test and characterization needs. The NeoScan family of turnkey field measurement systems provides a non-invasive method to detect and probe the electric and magnetic fields generated by your RF devices, antennas or subsystems. They utilize our patented electro-optic and magneto-optic probe technologies to sample and measure electric and magnetic fields without any physical contact, while providing a very large operational bandwidth and a very high spatial resolution.

Unlike conventional near-field scanning systems that require metallic pickup radiators or sensors, NeoScan probes are made of absolutely metal-free parts. Our field probes feature miniaturized optical crystal tips mounted on optical fibers. The combination of extremely small probe footprint and absence of metallic parts or interconnnects at the signal pickup area warrant the ultimate RF non-invasiveness. In addition to local field sampling, a NeoScan system can be configured as a near-field scanning system for mapping aperture-level or device-level field distributions with minimal invasiveness to the antenna or device under test. You can also use a NeoScan system as a real-time field detection system for sensing and probing electric and magnetic field waveforms in a variety of physical propagation media.

NeoScan systems can be used for a variety of RF test and evaluation applications:

  • Non-invasive near-field mapping of RF devices, circuits and antennas
  • System fault diagnostics through measurement of field emissions, leakage, coupling effects, etc.
  • Compact near-field antenna range measurements
  • Real time non-contact measurement of fields and signals in a variety of propagation media

VIDEO: A Brief Overview of the NeoScan System.

Key NeoScan System Features

Some of the key features of NeoScan field measurement systems include:

  • Non-intrusive and non-contact RF measurement
  • Broad measurement bandwidth (20MHz - 20GHz) using the same optical probes
  • Simultaneous amplitude and phase measurement
  • Vectorial component measurement with cross polarization suppression better than 20dB
  • Very wide dynamic range (>70dB) from very low field intensities under 1V/m to extremely high field intensities above 2MV/m using the same optical probes
  • Typical probe tip size: 1mm3
  • High spatial resolution driven by the laser beam spot size (finer than 10 μm in diameter) with scan steps as small as 100μm
  • DUT proximity: As close as 150μm
  • Standoff distance (of mainframe box): Up to 50m

Customized NeoScan System Configurations

NeoScan systems can be fully customized to meet your most demanding test and evaluation requirements or adapted for various unconventional types of RF measurements. At the present time, EMAG Technologies offers the following four turnkey NeoScan system configurations:

The front view of the NeoScan system mainframe.
The rear view of the NeoScan system mainframe.
The NeoScan optical field probe mounted on a precision XY translation stage.
Measuring the aperture fields of a 16GHz standard horn antenna using NeoScan.

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