List of RF.Spice A/D Keyboard Shortcuts

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Device Shortcuts

Part Shortcut
Ground 0/Ins
Ideal Op Amp Alt+0
AND Gate A
NAND Gate Alt+A
Nonlinear Controlled Voltage Source B
Nonlinear Controlled Current Source Alt+B
Capacitor C
Digital Clock Alt+C
Diode D
Digital Source Alt+D
Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source E
Four-Terminal VCVS Source Alt+E
Current-Controlled Current Source F
Four-Terminal CCCS Source Alt+F
Voltage-Controlled Current Source G
Four-Terminal VCCS Source Alt+G
Current-Controlled Voltage Source H
Four-Terminal CCVS Source Alt+H
Current Source I
AC Current Source Alt+I
Generic Field Effect Transistor: N-Type JFET J
Generic Field Effect Transistor: P-Type JFET Alt+J
Ideal Transformer K
Mutual Inductors Alt+K
Inductor L
Voltage Probe Marker Alt+L
Generic Field Effect Transistor: N-Type MOSFET M
Generic Field Effect Transistor: P-Type MOSFET Alt+M
Digital Input N
Net Marker Alt+N
Digital Output O
Inverter Gate Alt+O
Voltage Probe P
Current Probe Alt+P
Generic Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): NPN-Type Q
Generic Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): PNP-Type Alt+Q
Resistor R
Subcircuit Port Marker Alt+R
Voltage-Controlled Switch S
Four-Terminal VCS Switch Alt+S
Generic T-Line T
Microsttip Line Alt+T
OR Gate U
NOR Gate Alt+U
Voltage Source V
AC Voltage Source Alt+V
Current-Controlled Switch W
Four-Terminal CCS Switch Alt+W
XOR Gate X
XNOR Gate Alt+X
Voltmeter Y
Ammeter Alt+Y
Zener Diode Z
Complex Impedance Alt+Z
One-Port Alt+1
Two-Port Alt+2
Three-Port Alt+3
Four-Port Alt+4
50-Ohm Load Alt+5
D Flip Flop Alt+6
SR Flip Flop Alt+7
JK Flip Flop Alt+8
Toggle Flip Flop Alt+9
Online Help F1
1-to-2 Splitter F2
1-to-4 Splitter F3
1-to-8 Splitter F4
2-to-1 Combiner F5
4-to-1 Combiner F6
8-to-1 Combiner F7

Action Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Select All Ctrl+A
Select Alternate Model Ctrl+Alt+A
Run Test Batch Ctrl+B
Copy Selection Ctrl+C
Open Device Manager Ctrl+D
Flip Horizontal Ctrl+F
Flip Vertical Ctrl+Alt+F
Go/Run Ctrl+G
Show Grid Ctrl+Alt+G
Step Ctrl+H
Time Options Ctrl+I
Copy Circuit Picture Ctrl+K
Create Netlist Ctrl+L
Create Part form Circuit Ctrl+M
New Schematic Project Ctrl+N
Show Node Names Ctrl+Alt+N
Open Existing Project Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Enter Probe Mode Ctrl+Alt+P
Exit/Quit Application Ctrl+Q
Rotate Clockwise Ctrl+R
Rotate Counterclockwise Ctrl+Alt+R
Save Project Ctrl+S
Select Part Ctrl+Alt+S
Enter Text Mode Ctrl+T
User Defined Parameters Ctrl+U
Paste Buffer's Contents Ctrl+V
Enter Wire Mode Ctrl+W
Cut Selection Ctrl+X
Redo Ctrl+Y
Undo Ctrl+Z
Return to Normal/Select Mode Esc
Delete Del
Repeat Place Device Space
Zoom Normal Home


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