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EM.Cube provides the ultimate solution to all of your electromagnetic modeling needs. Using EM.Cube's computational modules, you can solve a wide range of EM analysis and RF design problems. These modules together cover the entire frequency spectrum from DC to light. The following table lists a few examples of electromagnetic modeling problems you can solve with one or more EM.Cube modules:

Problem Type / Application Suitable EM.Cube Module Example Projects, Notes or Articles
Analyze directional communication links in high multipath urban environments Prop-ico.png Terrano L5N Fig title.png Terrano L7N Fig title.png Terrano L8N Fig title.png Terrano L9N Fig title.png ART MANH Fig title.png
Model large, finite-sized, antenna arrays on the transmitter and receiver ends Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Metal-ico.png Tempo L4 Fig title.png Picasso L5 Fig title.png ART PATCH Fig title.png
Evaluate platform and feed mechanism effects on the radiation characteristics of antenna systems Fdtd-ico.png Metal-ico.png Po-ico.png Illumina L4 Fig title.png ART PARAB Fig title.png ART GOLF Fig title.png
Design multilayer planar RF, microwave and millimeter wave circuits Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Tempo L5 Fig title.png Picasso L3 Fig title.png ART UWB title.png
Analyze metallic and dielectric waveguide and resonator structures for microwave and millimeter wave applications Fdtd-ico.png Metal-ico.png Tempo L6 Fig title.png Tempo L7 Fig title.png ART DRA title.png
Embed passive and active devices and circuits into your electromagnetic analysis Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Metal-ico.png Tempo L9 Fig title.png Picasso L9 Fig14 title.png
Model frequency response of multiport structures and generate S-parameter data for equivalent circuit models (for export to RF.Spice A/D) Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Metal-ico.png Tempo L3 Fig title.png Picasso L7 Fig title.png
Model transient propagation of arbitrary waveforms and signals in your circuits Fdtd-ico.png Tempo L9 Fig title.png
Investigate the interaction of incident plane waves and focused Gaussian beams with complex geometries, biological environments or dispersive materials Fdtd-ico.png Tempo L10 Fig title.png ART DISP title.png
Study reflection and transmission properties of periodic surfaces and metamaterial structures Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Tempo L8 Fig title.png Picasso L6 Fig title.png ART FSS title.png
Compute low frequency electric and magnetic fields, capacitance and inductance of lumped circuit devices Static-ico.png Ferma L2 Fig title.png Ferma L5 Fig title.png
Compute quasi-static characteristic impedance and effective permittivity of physical transmission lines Static-ico.png Ferma L7 Fig title.png Ferma L8 Fig title.png
Build complex structures using native standard geometric objects or custom expression-based curves & surface and import/export external CAD models Cad-ico.png Tempo L11 Fig title.png Illumina L4 Fig title.png ART AIR title.png ART MANH Fig title.png ART GOLF Fig title.png
Compute radar cross section (RCS) of complex targets Fdtd-ico.png Metal-ico.png Po-ico.png Illumina L2 Fig title.png Libera L3 Fig title.png ART RCS title.png ART AIR title.png
Run parametric and random sweeps of design variables with complex interdependencies defined through mathematical functions and/or Python scripts Prop-ico.png Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Metal-ico.png Po-ico.png Static-ico.png Picasso L2 Fig title.png Libera L2 Fig title.png
Optimize your design variables using classical and statistical methods including multi-objective Pareto genetic algorithms Fdtd-ico.png Planar-ico.png Metal-ico.png Po-ico.png Picasso L10 Fig title.png
Run lightning fast EM simulations on multicore CPU/GPU platforms using a variety of hardware and software accelerators Fdtd-ico.png Metal-ico.png Po-ico.png Tempo L4 Fig title.png ART PARAB Fig title.png ART AIR title.png ART GOLF Fig title.png

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