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Why Measure Fields?

Measurement of electric and magnetic fields has numerous uses and applications in different areas of RF technology. First and foremost, field maps shed light on the physical behavior of RF devices and systems. RF engineers typically use external measurement systems for high frequency characterization. For example, a network analyzer measures the port characteristics of a device. A spectrum analyzer captures the spectral contents of the signals at the input or output of your RF system. Antennas are traditionally characterized by their far field radiation patterns. Such external measurements do not reveal much about how signals, fields and waves evolve, build up and propagate inside a device from one port to another, or out into the free space.

Just as an oscilloscope probe measures voltages and currents at various points of an electronic circuit, imagine if you could measure electric or magnetic fields at any point inside or around a distributed RF system without perturbing them! That's what NeoScan exactly does for you.

Measuring the field maps of a planar microstrip bandpass filter in and out of its passband.

What Can You Use the NeoScan System For?

The following are a few examples of how you can use the NeoScan system to measure electric fields in a variety of applications:

  • High-resolution near-field scanning/imaging
  • RF test & characterization
  • Compact antenna range alternative
  • RF circuit & device diagnostics
  • Phase calibration of AESA arrays
  • Real-time field detection
  • EMC/EMI testing & certification
  • Ultra-wideband pulse waveform probing
  • High-power microwave system evaluation
  • Field monitoring in medical devices and biological environments
  • Non-contact, non-invasive, remote field sensing & industrial non-destructive evaluation (NDE)
  • Simulation model verification & validation (V&V)

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