About EMAG Technologies Inc.

Since 1994, EMAG Technologies Inc. has been developing innovative RF solutions that are widely used by the government, academia and industries around the globe. We provide a wide range of software and hardware solutions that combine commercial products, custom solutions, and modeling, design, prototyping, and test & measurement services.

In 2002, EMAG spun off a new independent business, Opteos Inc., to focus on the research and development of field measurement systems. Our patented electro-optic (EO) and magneto-optic (MO) probe technologies were originally developed at the Space Terahertz Center of the University of Michigan during 1990's under the support of the U.S. Army. In 2004, Opteos acquired an exclusive license to the University of Michigan's EO/MO field mapping technology. Opteos Inc. was fully acquired by EMAG in 2010. This acquisition led to the introduction of the NeoScan field measurement systems. We now offer a range of turnkey real-time field probes and near-field scanning systems for high frequency characterization of circuits, antennas and other RF devices, as well as extensive RF test and measurement services.

In 2006, EMAG created emagware.com as a dedicated division for development and distribution of state-of-the-art RF simulation and design software. As part of this endeavor, EMAG’s older simulation software products, EM.Picasso, EM.Terrano and EM.Lounge, were consolidated within a unified framework, which evolved into EM.Cube. In 2011, EMAG acquired and merged Beige Bag Software Inc., a developer and supplier of analog and digital circuit simulation software for more than twenty years. This acquisition expanded our product offering to include two Spice-based simulation tools, B2 Spice and B2 Logic. These products were merged into B2.Spice A/D and later evolved into RF.Spice A/D. We are now able to meet most of our customers' modeling and simulation needs through our expanded software product portfolio.

With many years of experience in electromagnetic and RF modeling, simulation, design, fabrication, prototyping, characterization, test and measurement, EMAG can serve as your one-stop RF solution provider. At EMAG, we understand how rapidly changing technology can outpace yesterday's software and hardware tools. The evolution of EM.Cube has been driven by the particular needs of practicing RF engineers across the industry, academia and government. This fast pace of evolution is marked by regular introduction of new features, modules and products that reflect the practical needs of users like you. Whether you use our software tools or measurement instruments or come to us for your next generation radar, communication or tracking solutions, you can count on a very dependable partner who understands the state of the art. We can develop the most cost-effective solution in the shortest time. If the solution doesn't exist, we will invent it.