Innovative RF System Solutions

VISAT: Integrated RF Front End Technology

The concept of a "generic" RF front end architecture that can be scaled over different frequency bands and/or "programmed" to meet different power requirements has been a subject of intensive research for the last two decades. In pursuit of that goal, EMAG Technologies Inc. has developed a revolutionary antenna technology that has been dubbed VISAT™, standing for Vertically Integrated Scalable Array Tile. It is a patented, three-dimensional integration and packaging technology for a general purpose RF front end. 







VISAT offers a compact architecture for active electronically scanned antenna (AESA) systems based on low-cost printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing technology. A VISAT tile is a complete self-contained RF front end with DC, RF and IF inputs and outputs. The extremely low-profile stack contains all the amplification, frequency conversion and beam control stages. VISAT tiles can be tiled together and create larger apertures for higher antenna gains. A VISAT tile has a built-in thermal management system and can provide unmatched levels of SWaP (size, weight and power). EMAG offers VISAT solutions for a wide frequency range from L band (~1GHz) to Ka band (~40GHz).







VISAT As A Low-Cost Integrated RF Solution

Our VISAT architecture allows several different types of functions to be integrated into a single aperture. A shared multifunction aperture provides numerous opportunities for system applications that require multi-beam operation. Combining a communications front end with a precision tracking system can effectively address the inexorable beam pointing challenges of directional data links. A few examples of VISAT applications include:

  • Secure or covert directional communication systems
  • Tactical data links in networked battlefield environments
  • Satellite communications on-the-move
  • Cooperative asset tracking
  • Projectile guidance systems
  • Collision avoidance radar systems



How Can VISAT Benefit You?

EMAG Technologies Inc. has developed a wide range of communications, radar and tracking solutions based on our VISAT technology. Our VISAT architecture can give you a significant competitive edge from a cost-performance standpoint. Due to the proprietary nature of the technologies involved, we encourage you to contact us and discuss your specific requirements for further exploration of possible opportunities.