Product Overview:

EM.Cube® is an industry-recognized simulation suite for electromagnetic modeling of RF system engineering problems. It has a modular architecture based on a common core foundation that is shared among several EM simulation engines targeted at different types of applications. All simulators are driven from the same streamlined, easy-to-use, visual interface.

Simulating Everything from DC to Light

The modular EM.Cube suite is made up of the CubeCAD foundation and six individual computational modules. CubeCAD is the common CAD foundation shared among all of EM.Cube's computational modules. Click on each module to learn more about its feature set, computational capabilities and the types of problems it can solve:

A Versatile Affordable Software Solution

Analyzing an imported battleship model using EM.Tempo.

Whether you want to design a simple patch antenna or quantify the effects of electromagnetic radiation on biological tissues or analyze a sophisticated, multi-scale, propagation scene involving large networks of unattended sensors, EM.Cube’s modules can meet your modeling needs without emptying your pocket. Thanks to the modular structure of the EM.Cube suite, you can start with a basic product configuration and expand it over time as your modeling needs grow.

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What Can You Expect from EM.Cube?

More than ten years in the making and first introduced to the market in 2008, EM.Cube is industry's first-ever multi-scale, multi-engine, electromagnetic simulation environment. Some of EM.Cube’s computational modules have been built upon the foundation of EMAG’s older products developed during the last two decades.

  • Each of EM.Cube's computational modules has been optimized to address a certain class of electromagnetic structures based on a particular numerical technique. You can use each module individually as a stand-alone product.
  • With a common visual interface shared among all modules, a shorter learning curve takes you a much longer way. All the modules share the same parametric CAD modeler, data visualization tools, model generation utilities, optimization algorithms, etc. EM.Cube puts enormous computational power at your fingertips.
  • You may use different numerical techniques to solve the same problem and verify, validate or benchmark your solutions against one another.
  • EM.Cube's unified modeling framework is an ideal environment for hybrid simulation of multi-scale electromagnetic structures. It allows you to easily move various parts of your structures back and forth among the different modules and analyze each part using the most effective solver. Seamless, cross-module interfaces help you integrate the simulation results from different modules.